Greater Mid City Business Association

Moving forward

Moving on up? Local Realtors here to help!

Real Estate is a tough game, but these folks make it a great gain – local, experienced with a wealth of knowledge.  Each Brokerage has distinct differences that serve a common need…provide professional, licensed neighbors who can help you with all your Real Estate needs.

Avoid the nightmares of people that show up and do not understand the law and do not care.  Choose proven professionals who understand the Midcity Marketplace and are personally invested in this thriving community.

Soniat Realty, Inc. Real Estate Sales, Service & Property Management
Urban Vision Real Estate Sales
Keller Williams Real Estate Sales
John Anthony Realty Real Estate Sales, Service & Property Management

Each person and place is different.

Find that person who can help you through understanding the local market.  People, not advertising help make the best decisions on your real estate needs. These are local people that live and breathe Midcity… the commitment you need before you sign on the dotted line.

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